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  • Fulfil with what is established in these regulations and as many other provisions as may be applicable to them.
  • Pack the packages according to the established requirements.
  • Observe the order with the express agencies and stations.
  • Pay the amount resulting from the application of the storage rate.
  • Not obstruct without justification any of the common areas for the use and service of the clients in the agencies and railway stations with express service.
  • Do not dispatch as express packages the following:
    • Meat or other easily decomposed food products.
    • Toxic, flammable, explosive, radioactive, corrosive and chemical substances.
    • Objects that may damage or soil the express car and customers' belongings.

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Coffee                                               (up to 10 packages of 450 grams)

Vegetables and Viandas                   (up to 25 Kg. per type of product)

Fruits and Vegetables                       (up to 25 Kg. per type of product)

Grains and Cereals                           (up to 25 Kg. per type of product)

Eggs                                                  (up to 100 units)


Porcine                                              up to (2) according to team capacity.

Equine                                               None.

Cattle                                                 None.

Sheep                                                up to (4) according to train capacity.

Note: The authorization to particulars in this case will have to complete the established by the Ministry of  Agriculture as for the sanitary measures and always each animal will have to be properlyhuacalados. In exceptional cases and authorized by the competent state level may dispatch more animals than the amount listed here.


 Note: In order to transport wood, the regulation established by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry Office, dated April 7, 2006 must be complied with, establishing changes in Annex 1 of Circular Letter 1 /  2005.


Cheese                                               10 Kg.

Bars of guava                                      20 bars.       

Evaporated milk                                  20 packages of 1 Ltr or its equivalent.

Condensed milk                                  5 cans.

Milk powder                                         5 Kg.


Aggregates                                          0.5 m³                                                 

Stone                                                   0.5 m³

Floor tiles                                             up to 20 m²

Cement                                                up to 5 bags.

Plastic pipes                                         up to 100 m.

Bricks                                                   up to 100 units.

Winches                                                up to 100 m.

Others                                                   up to 100 units.


Fish                                                       Not permitted.

Lobster                                                  Not authorised.

Shrimps                                                 Not authorized.

Others                                                   Not authorized.


Rubber and Bicycle Chambers            up to 10 Units.

Several of hardware according to invoice of sale 10 units of each type.


Recycled or new clothes                     up to 15 Kg.


Raw materials for sale or for artisanal productions - Not authorized.

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  • To provide the service with the required quality, after payment of the price established in the official tariff in force.
  • Dispatch the packages that have the express classification.
  • Receive information on the working hours of the agencies, departure and arrival of trains, price of packages and luggage, limitations and interruptions in the movement of trains that may occur.
  • In special cases of transportation of corpses, travel on the train as a companion and occupy the seats reserved for these cases.
  • Present the corresponding claim and when it corresponds to receive compensation in case of breakage, loss or misplacement or deliveries outside the established period, as established by the current tariff.
  • Demand the best treatment and attention from railway employees.
  • Receive the packages at destination within the periods established in the current tariff, once they have been dispatched.

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