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Rates for natural people

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Rates for natural people.

Construction License for housing, value of technical service in pesos and value of the stamp.


Technical services

Technical Service Stamp value in pesos


Construction License for housing

a) New construction up to 60 m² total $55.00 $10.00

b) New construction from 60 to 80 m² total $75.00 $15.00

c) New construction over 80 m² total $95.00 $15.00

d) Expansion and remodeling of up to 60 m² total $35.00 $10.00

e) Expansion and remodeling from 60 to 80 m² total $55.00 $15.00

f) Expansion and remodeling of more than 80 m² total $75.00 $15.00

g) Certificate of Habitable $25.00 $5.00

h) Work Authorization $20.00 $5.00

i) Certificate of Urban Regulations $5.00

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